A woman's and a man's face above a rocks and waves. A bear stands on the rocks and a ship struggles against the waves. Moontide by Charlie German

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They can’t change the past or stop tomorrow. All they’ve got is today.

Jackson is risking more than his own life if he falls in love. Seventy-five years ago, a witch sentenced him to live forever as a monster, and to infect those he loves with that curse. Until now, loneliness has been better than putting someone else in danger. But finding out the witch’s location means he has another chance to confront her, and to break the curse. The only problem is that Kayla, the boat captain who will take him there, is exactly the kind of woman he can’t help falling for. That, and the fact that the witch has already refused to release him.

People have been hating on Kayla for as long as she can remember. Whenever she offers her love, the world pulverizes it and dumps it at her feet. The only thing that keeps her dreams alive is her commercial diving business, but that is collapsing too. So when she gets a last-ditch offer to sail into the Aleutian Islands, she jumps at the chance. The only problem is that Jackson, the expedition’s hot-tempered diver, is exactly the kind of temptation her heart is vulnerable to. That, and the passengers’ straight-faced claim that they’re hunting a witch.

Moontide is a stand-alone paranormal romance that immerses you in the thrill of wild attraction and the danger of confronting forces beyond your control. If witnessing the struggle of two hearts to unite against the forces of nature and magic glues you to your seat, then you will delight in this fast-paced tale of adventure and romance.

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