Moontide is live!

I finally hit publish on Moontide, and I haven’t been this nervous since oneĀ  of my big job interviews. It’s difficult releasing something to which you’ve dedicated so much time and effort, especially when you know that it might do nothing but age in the digital equivalent of a Government oubliette.

On the other hand, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, right?

So, once more unto the breach, dear friends. Once more unto the breach.

It’s not all about the writing

Large grouper-fish in a floor to ceilings aquarium, author is kneeling next to the glass
Some kind of giant fish in a tank next to the author

We visited the Wonders of Wildlife aquarium in Springfield, Missouri, and snapped a photo next to this fellow. I suspect these guys don’t live in murky water, but if they did, and you were down there, and he came out of the dark to see if you were tasty? Hoo baby, I’d be needing to change my wetsuit. That thing’s mouth was easily big enough to swallow my head, and seeing his cheek muscles left me in no doubt that he could crush right through my neck.

On the other hand, maybe that fish was female, and all she would have wanted was to give me five with that big ole pectoral fin.

Isn’t that thing the stuff of dreams or nightmares? Loved it!

Example of Effective Typography

Effective typography is a force multiplier. The words themselves give a message, but their presentation can amplify and add nuance to it with great efficiency.

I like the typography of Samantha Seiple’s book, Ghosts in the Fog, for just this reason. The distressed stencil treatment of the title font says that the book will contain a gritty military story, and the cursive of the subtitle suggests that it will also be personal. And that’s exactly what the book delivers.

Nice way to bag two birds with one stone!