Author standing in front of Stonehenge on a sunny day
Standing before five thousand years’ worth of history. Gulp.

If you think of the internet as a jungle teeming with things that either want to kill you or keep you away from their fruit, then I think of my pen name as leather gauntlets. They’re not going to protect me from every gimlet eye or sharp set of teeth, but they will let me pick a pawpaw here and there without drawing back mangled stumps.

Charlie German is my pen name, but that photo up yonder is me in the flesh*. I know, I know, reverse image search and facial recognition, but like I said, the gauntlets can’t protect me from everything. You roll the dice and take your chances.

I’m just your average information worker trying to make sense of post-20th Century life in the USA, and the way I’ve done it since first grade is to tell stories.

This website is my attempt to let the folks who are interested in the work I publish see into my “personal story,” as much as the leather gauntlets will allow. I’ll do my best to tell the truth, and will highlight the stuff that is out-and-out doo-doo.

Oh, that brings me to one last point. I was raised by an Army sergeant and a greasy spoon waitress, so I get a little coarse sometimes. But I don’t mean anything by it.

I’m pretty sure I’d love to hear from you, so if you have something to say, or a question to ask, or just want to pass on a smile, please use the form on the Contact page.

Thanks for stopping by, and seriously, good luck to you in whatever worthy endeavor you attempt.

*Freakin’ Stonehenge! Remind me to tell you about it sometime.